Saturday, April 14, 2007

Which is better radiation or surgery for Mesothelioma cancer

Mesothelioma patients after the early treatment for chemotherapy, radiation treatments is better option than surgery for the advanced non-small lung cancer and out of all lung cancer cases about 80% are non-small lung cancer cases. 579 new cases of late stage of lung cancer are reported in the Journal of National Cancer Institute. These non-small lung cancer cases are so advanced that surgery is no more beneficial.

Out of these 579 patients 167 patients got surgery and165 received radiation treatment after performing or undergoing chemotherapy. Patients having radiation treatment survived for 17.5 months and those who undergo a surgery survived for 16.4 months in average. Because of its low complications and deaths radiation treatment is more preferable than surgery irrespective of the reports. According to which five year survival rate is 15.7% for the patients having surgery and 14% for the patients having radiation treatment.

These results are important for the patients who have undergone chemotherapy and are still suffering from lung cancer. So the patients as well as the centers providing treatment to mesothelioma patients are advised to follow the radiation treatment after chemotherapy.

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