Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A cup of coffee daily keeps cancer away

A cup of coffee A latest finding in US suggests that drinking a cup of coffee daily might reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. This study was started in 1990 and investigated 77,000 white postmenopausal women in the US.

These women provided lot of information about themselves like how much coffee or tea they drink and whether they had ever been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer.

The study recorded many factors about the investigating women like their age, BMI, smoking habit and whether they live in a sunny area.

The researchers found that a daily cup of caffeinated coffee was connected with a five percent drop in the women's odds of reporting non-melanoma skin cancer, reported the online edition of health magazine WebMD. Women who drank six cups of caffeinated coffee per day were 30 per cent less likely than other women to report non-melanoma skin cancer, the researchers said.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get slim if want to cut risk of cancer

A Major international study claimed that who are not overweight should also slim down if they want to cut down the risk of cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund issued some severe recommendations.

They include not gaining weight as an adult, cutting sugary drinks and alcohol and stop eating bacon and ham. All of us need to get slim but avoid getting underweight. People with BMI in the range 18.5 to 25 are considered healthy weights. But the study suggests that risk increase when we move towards25 mark. So we need to try in remaining as close as to the lower end.

Link – Via BBC NEWS UK

Obesity and smoking big friends of cancer

According to a research done by the British Scientists, for smokers, smoking is the biggest reason for cancer and for no smokers; it is the obesity, main reason for cancer. Non smokers have the option of going for healthy diets and staying away from junk food as a way to prevent cancer.