Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stopping Cancer Without Killing It

Cancer experts may have found a new way to curb cancer: halting cancer cells in their tracks. That tactic is called senescence. In senescence, cells don't divide, which means a cancer could not grow. Triggering senescence in certain cells appears to hamper the growth of some tumors, according to lab tests done on mice (

The tests were done by researchers at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, including Sandy Chang, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of molecular genetics. Their study appears online in EMBO Reports, a publication of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO).

Old women with breast cancer get poor care as compared to young women study finds

Researchers from the University of Manchester found they are less likely to get a range of diagnostic tests and treatments. Writing in the British Journal of Cancer, they say this is likely to lead to higher rates of cancer recurring, and higher death rates. Cancer campaigners said women of all age’s deserved high standards of care (BBC NEWS).

The highest incidence of breast cancer in England occurs in women aged 70 and over. They also have a lower chance of surviving the disease - women aged 70-79 has a 76% chance of surviving for five years after their illness, compared to 80% for all ages. This drops to 61% for women aged 80 or over - a fall, which is not explained by their increase in age.

Truth about cancer

The primary cause of cancer was discovered by Dr. Warburg who is considered best biochemist of world. He was mainly interested in respiration of cells and particularly cancer cells. A quotation of DR. Warburg is-

"Life without oxygen in a living world that has been created by oxygen was so unexpected that it would have been too much to ask that anaerobiosis of cancer cells should be accepted at once by all scientists. "

Anaerobiosis means “life can sustain without Oxygen”

So the low oxygen level inside the human body promotes the growth of a special kind of cells named cancer, which is primary cause of cancer. For his discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme DR. Warburg awarded with Nobel Prize in medicine. Enzyme is a catalyst that helps other cells to react together. But respiratory enzyme enables the body cells to respire.

For sustaining cancer cells require much less oxygen in comparison to healthy cells. But still cancer cells take more energy than healthy cells. Then what type of diet promotes the growth of cancer cells? Healthy cells rich in sugar and low in protein will prefer to change in to cancer cells in low level of oxygen. It should be vital that we find out how to give our cells all the oxygen they could possibly need.

Cancer can be accomplished by oxygenating the body in a normal healthy way that can be exercised through eating things, which promote the healthy respiration or breathing of body cells. Calcium rich food can also be taken. Avoiding the cigarette smoking, we will become able to avoid the primary cause of cancer but this does not mean that cigarettes cause cancer rather these can lower down the oxygen level of body which differ from man to man, for example some people smoke through out the life and do not become cancerous while other become cancerous in a short time.