Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When Your Loved One Has Cancer

That time, you were left in awe at what you have heard. The light enclosed on you, and the whole world revolved in faint whispers, "It mustn't be." Cancer is not a simple matter, and you couldn't believe someone very close to you has it. The news was more than shocking... it was heartbreaking.

Cancer has developed a connotation to being a fatal term, itself. It is a single term that people have dreaded to utter, even jokingly. It is a serious matter, and if your loved one has been diagnosed to be having it, this can be a very difficult journey for you, if you don't take it lightly and with courage.

Cancer or what we call malignant neoplasm is a medical disease that happens when a group of cells display uncontrolled growth or division, which at times, may be at a fairly early age or at a critical stage. Most of them time, doctors would say a certain estimate of how long a person may live battling the disease, with or without treatments. Aside from the fact that financial expenditures build up because of costly cancer medications, the family can be subdued to a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

However, no matter how painstaking this situation is for you, you must be strong. Your loved on depends highly on your care and attention. After all, you both want to spend more time in this life together. Here are some simple ways that may help you cope up with this unnerving situation, and make it easier for you and your loved one:

1. Do not show them how hurt you are. If you have to wear a mask everytime, do it. Your loved one will draw strength from your strength, therefore, you must show him or her that you will be with him, in this difficult time, no matter what. If he sees you crying or in pain, the effect of that on his mindset is as painful.

2. Do normal things with them if they can. When they are strong enough, be normal with them. Take them to places, eat with them and spend great days with them very fondly. This will enlighten their minds, and yours, too. The both of you may actually forget about the intensity of the situation that you are facing. Cancer may be serious, but you can shrug it off at times with subtle moments of laughter.

3. Communicate your love to them. Talk to them and communicate your love to them, by giving them flowers and do with them things that they love to do. As much as possible, do not talk about their sickness, and live life as it is. Listen to their pains, yet do not break down in front of them. Assure them that it is going to be alright sincerely, without making them feel that they are just words said to make them feel better.

No matter how painful it is for you, you may not even begin to imagine how painful it is for them. Be very patient and understanding in making them feel loved. Especially, at this moment of difficulty, your utmost concern will leave them a mark that will help them fight for their life and be stronger. When a loved on has cancer, the battle must begin and end with strength and endurance.

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