Monday, April 2, 2007

What Leukemia cancer Means?

Cancer can affect every part of body, but when it affects the most critical organs like heart, lungs and blood, it is considered most harmful and non-curable disease. But when cancer affects the blood tissue it become a threat to life and this type of cancer is known as leukemia. An over-exposure to benzene or radioactive radiations can cause leukemia. It will cause abnormal circulation of blood, which affects supply of essential nutrients to the body.

Blood is the most important connective tissue of a living being or we can call it life of man. Leukemia can affect the whole body, as Blood inter-relates all body organs like heart, brain, kidneys and lungs with one another and also supplies oxygen and essential nutrients to every part of body. So it will cause the dysfunction of organs by supplying injurious particles. Hence blood cancer is most terrible disease.

In leukemia white blood cells or leukocytes become abnormal. These are vital for functioning of body as these fight against the infection. So due to fall in number and change in form of leukocytes because of leukemia, cellular immunity fell down damaging the body defense against infection. Main symptoms of disease are high production of abnormal and infected leukocytes by the marrow. Modified leukocytes can damage the normal functioning of red blood cells leading to the hindered oxygen supply and of course leading to Anemia. Cancerous cells obstruct the tissue supply with hemoglobin and the body cells suffer from the lack of iron. Headache, night sweats and neuro-psychic appears when cancerous cells reach the brain.

Cancerous leukemia cells are easily detectable under microscope and suspected is advised to undergo bone marrow inspection. Leukemia is pointed out by swollen lymph nodes through out the body and mainly around neck and thighs. Chemotherapy is most effective treatment when patient have to swallow many drugs. Patients losing hair and skin texture may go under radiotherapy.

Leukemia can be cured if detected and treated at right time. Bone marrow transplant can help to regain healthy white cells.

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