Friday, April 20, 2007

Breasts Cancer And Smoker Adolescent

According to Dr Janet E Olson from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester Minnesota (the USA) the risk of breast cancer begun during the female adolescent broke to smoke or not. Woman who smoke in the adolescent are at more risk of developing breast cancer. According to another research women who began smoking before the first pregnancy are at more risk of breast cancer after the menopause than women who began smoking after the first pregnancy.

Researches like adolescent women who smoke regularly can develop or they are at more risk of developing cancer, are factual and not only the gossips. This is because a women who has undergone one pregnancy, is in the close connection with the development of the breast as a women serve her baby with her milk, and hence is at less risk of developing breast cancer if they start smoking after one pregnancy. On the other hand a smoker adolescent women or a women who has postponed first pregnancy is more at breast cancer risk, as she has to develop breasts.

Dr Olson and the team carried out investigation on a range of the women aged 55 till 69 years during 1986 and afterwards were followed to 1999. On the whole 37.105 women it was identified were risky breasts cancer including 7.095 women who began smoked before they experienced first pregnancy. At the same time 4.186 among them smoked after first pregnancy. 2.017 women are affected by breast cancer during the study period. A woman who has smoked before the first pregnancy is at 21% more risk of developing breast cancer than a woman who had not smoked. Women who began smoked after giving birth first will enter the healthy category.

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