Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tea, lemon peels and skin cancer

Taking two cups of tea daily can decrease the risk of skin cancer

US researchers cater the tea taking Habits of 1400 people with skin cancer and 700 people without skin cancer for the research. Chemicals in the tea provide some protection against cancer, according to a study of European journal of cancer. While some British cancer experts consider protection of skin as the best method for the protection against the disease. In Britain every year around 70,000 people become cancerous. According to a team at Dartmouth Medical School sunlight is main cause of 90% of skin cancer cases. It looked upon 770 adults with basal cell carcinoma and 696 with squamous cell carcinoma. Both are skin cell cancers.

Lemon peel

Two groups ageing between 25 to 74 years are taken, one of healthy and other of cancerous people group. Their utilization of both green and black teas is taken in to account. Antioxidants are present in both of kinds, which will check the development of cancer cells. According to this research people who are habitual of taking tea are at lower risk of developing cancer. People taking tea two or more cups of tea daily are at 65% lower risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma. Drinking tea can protect against basal cell carcinoma but to a lesser degree. Benefits of drinking tea can increase by adding lemon peel to the tea, which is very common in US than UK. According to a team led by Dr Judy Rees, the constituents of tea are found to protect against a variety of diseases and cancers. But the most intoxicating are Polyphenols. The protective effect of tea can also reveal that how cancer develops.

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