Monday, May 7, 2007

Kidney Cancer and risk factors

Number 0f simple things like smoking, exposure of chemicals, overweight and inactive lifestyle, which we ignore in our daily life, can cause kidney cancer. High blood pressure, taking diuretics, race, gender and certain medications are some other risk factors, which lead to kidney cancer. The physician gets an idea to assess the symptoms through risk factors. The physician has to watch closely a patient who have higher amount of risk factors.

The risk factors give an idea about the disease before its occurrence so the risk factors help in preventing the disease from occurring. According to the risk factors one can avoid smoking and can increase the intake of vitamins. If a person avoid smoking then risk of kidney cancer reduced to 40%. Obesity is the main cause of adult and juvenile diabetes, which cause the need of dialysis or kidney failure. So through losing weight or through exercise you can reduce the risk of kidney cancer. But there are some genetic factors related to the kidney cancer, which are not avoidable.

So the thing what we have to consult our physician is about the risk factors. Prevention is better than cure so keeping this in mind one has to look for the risk factors and try to avoid them if not possible then need to go for treatment.

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