Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wigs For Cancer Patients Keep Patients Looking Great

If you or someone that you are close to is currently going through cancer treatment therapy then you for sure know what a real struggle it is. With so much going on and priorities being so drastically reorganized, the fact that their hair has fallen out can be easily overlooked when it doesn't have to be. The truth is that "looking and feeling" good with a good head of hair "is" a crucial element of the recovery process that doctors don't often talk about.

Human Hair

The great news is that there is now a huge selection of high quality human hair wigs online. Human hair is always the best way to go if you can, but if you are on a tight budget you can get by with other fibers. However; if you choose a fiber other than human hair you will want to pay close attention to its maintenance because it is when they are poorly maintained that they begin to look less than perfect.

Glue or Tape

You or the person undergoing chemotherapy is also going to have to play catch-up on learning how to attach and maintain the wig properly. There are two basic common methods for attaching a wig and those are with special wig glue and with special two sided tape. Test them both to determine which one works best for the person using the wig and if the glue or tape causes any irritation quickly switch over.

One Wig - Many Looks

It is important to bear in mind that before long your treatment will be through, you will have your own hair back and the cancer will be behind you. So, you don't need to purchase several different wigs. Look for a wig and hair filler products and hats that go good together, so you will have more then one look without having to spend a bunch of money.

Written by Deborah Rayner. If you interested in Wigs For Cancer Patients then you've come to the right place! You can also learn more about Lace Wigs

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