Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Obesity has a big link with cancer

A recent study revealed that remaining slim and avoiding high amount of red meat and wine are the best way to prevent cancer. Our body fat and cancer has much more link than generally felt (Via Yahoo News).

Professor Michael Marmot, chair of the panel of 21 eminent scientists who compiled the report, said: "We are recommending that people aim to be as lean as possible within the healthy range, and that they avoid weight gain throughout adulthood."

The report includes five key findings

Processed meat should be eaten carefully.

Link between red meat and colorectal cancer: It suggests that people should not eat more than 500g of cooked red meat a week.

Alcohol is a big reason for cancer. If people must have to drink, they need to keep their alcohol intake to some limits.

Report suggests mothers for breastfeeding to their kids for the first six months after birth followed by complementary breastfeeding protects mothers from breast cancer.

Report did not recommend dietary supplements as prevention.

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